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Monday, 1 January 2018

Meri Tanhaiyon Mein Lyrics with Chords from Jaane Kyun De Yaaron | Arijit Singh

Check out the Meri Tanhaiyon Mein Chords & Lyrics from the Jaane Kyun De Yaaron Hindi Movie. This song (Meri tanhaiyon mein) is from movie jaane kyun de yaaron. 
this song is sung by Arijit Singh and composed by Satya,Manik,Afsar.

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Starring :: Raghu Raja, Kabir Bedi, Daya Pandey.
Song :: Meri Tanhaiyon Mein Lyrics
Singer :: Arijit Singh
Composer :: Satya, Manik, Afsar
Lyricist:: Prashant Ingole

Article - Meri tanhaiyon mein Chords with Lyrics
original scale - D#major

Meri tanhaiyon mein


Tumhara hi naam hai


Tumne suna kya?


Bas tumko dekhna   Cmin

Mujhko pasand Hai D#Maj

Ye tumko hai pata Kya? A#Maj

Ye lamhe ba-khabar Hain Cmin

Humari chaahaton Se A#Maj

Aur mujhko khumaar hai Bas
D#maj                 A#maj                                                                                                       

Tumhare deedar Ka A#maj

Tumhare deedar ka   A#maj

Tumhare deedar ka   A#maj

Tumhare deedar ka… D#maj

Aa titliyon se ye lamhein sawaarein
Cmin           G#maj              D#maj


Yaadon ki dibiya mein inko utaarein
 Cmin              G#maj        D#maj

Fursat mein baithe hum   D#Maj

Dono chalte wahaan  Fmin

Ho subah ka na shab ka nisaan D#maj

Meri angdaaiyon mein   Cmin

Tumhara hi naam hai D#maj

Tumne suna kya?   A#maj

Bas tumko dekhna     Cmin

Mujhko pasand hai   D#maj

Ye tumko hai pata kya? A#maj

Befikri hi ho ek sang humaare

Cmin        G#maj         D#maj                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
duniya ki na ho haan parwaah janha pe

Cmin            G#maj            D#maj          

Aise hi sapne dekhe dil bezubaan

D#maj                        Fmin

Sajde mein tere ho, hai ye duaa…

D#maj                        D#maj

Meri parchaiyon mein

Tumhara hi naam hai

Tumne suna kya?

Bas tumko dekhna

Mujhko pasand hai ye

Tumko hai pata kya


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