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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Metal Chords - Heavy Metal | Rock Music | Blues Melody Lesson.

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In this post you can get some information about heavy metal and some short lesson of guitar.



Heavy metal (or simply metal) is a genre of rock music that developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, largely in the united kingdom and united states. With roots in blues rock and psychedelic rock,the bands that created heavy metal developed a thick, massive sound, characterized by highly amplified distortion, extended guitar solos, emphatic beats, and overall loudness. Heavy metal lyrics and performance styles are sometimes associated with masculinity, aggression and machismo.

  Here are some tutorials to increase your playing skills.⇨

Speed exercise

One of the most important things to keep in mind for speed picking is that you have to start out slow.
One of the things i liked to do when i was learning was take a pattern, maybe a four note pattern where i had to switch strings. And i would play to a metronome, and just repeat that and getting it faster.

Melodic Licks

It's a pretty broad term. It can apply to a lot of things, but generally what comes to mind for me is something that doesn't stick with the pentatonic scale. The pentatonic is great for licks. Its great for flash. Its great for certain limited patterns, but it doesn't have that much melody.


It seems pretty easy you get some chords together. You figure out what key you're in, but lot of times i think melodies people embark on. You know tell the story too soon and one way that you can stretch out a melody is to end your phrases on suspended notes. So the listener has to wait a little bit longer for another phrase to see where the whole thing is going.


Blues is a genre without which you cannot have rock and roll jazz. It all started from blues. I would request you to watch a movie called "Crossroads1986". This movie actually has inspired a lot of great musicians. I can give you an example: mr. Joe Bonamassa, an amazing blues guitarist. In one of his interviews he said that he was immensely inspired by this movie. And after that he started learning the blues. There's a track called "Feeling Bad Blues'' in this movie, an amazing track and it was played by      mr. Wray Cuda. So this track was one of the                                                                                            most inspiring music there.

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